The Story of Isalina's Conception

    First off, I want to introduce myself, I am Monika, the founder, designer and owner of this brand that was just launched in November 2019. This swimwear journey started about three years ago, truly, (but the fashion story started a WHILE ago) when I started sewing swimwear by hand at home to sell on Etsy. Previously, I had been sewing other women's clothing items to wear and to sell on Etsy, but what happened to do the best and sell well was swimwear and I became a bit obsessed. 

    To bring you back a bit further, I did go to school for fashion design and merchandising as well, so I had a bit of knowledge in clothing construction, pattern making, draping.. all the fun stuff. I have always been creative and loved to sketch and doodle and create things. I had big dreams of moving to New York city to pursue a fashion career, but falling in love led me in a different direction for life and I moved far away from the fashion scene. That is what brings us back to Etsy and creating at home....

    Thanks to the ever vast interwebs, I realized I didn't have to be in NY, London, LA or Paris and I could do what I love right from home. I quickly outgrew Etsy and could not keep up with custom orders for swimwear due to having a kid in kindergarten and another on the way. Thus, in June 2018 Isalina Swim was born. The name Isalina comes from my two daughters (Isadora and Adelina) who inspire me to be the best woman and mom I can be everyday, I do it to show them women can be leaders, CEO's, or ANYTHING they want. Once I made that decision (8 months pregnant), things started rolling pretty quickly and I had to start finding a manufacturer, sourcing fabric, trim and all the extras. I did, and still do, all the design and sketching myself. I handle all things creative, promotional, business, and monetary with this brand. 

   It was important to me to find the best fabric with a sustainable option and excellent quality manufacturer and I started looking into these things immediately. A few months later, I decided on using Econyl fabric for solids and Repreve for all my prints. Econyl is a regenerated Nylon made from plastic waste such as industrial plastic, and fishing nets from oceans. It is then recycled and made into a new nylon yarn. Repreve is very similar but is it recycled Polyester. Although wearing recycled plastic doesn't sound super comfy, trust me on this, it is some of the most luxurious beautiful swimwear fabric that will ever rub up against your body. Both of these fabrics have odor control, water resistance, wicking and more. 

    The manufacturer that makes the swimwear is located in Miami and they have a small family feel set up, everything is made ethically and under excellent quality control with expert sewers. 


                     If you have read this whole thing, WOW.... Thank you! I hope you will give Isalina Swim a chance, if you are not satisfied, please contact me personally at and I will help to resolve the issue or handle a return!